How the KPG advertisement went Viral? The success story of our Public service Ad film

The KPG roofings Public-Service Ad video ad under the name of “Under each roof, There is a home” has been going viral over the internet for quite some days.

The video have received around 7 Million+ views in Facebook alone for the native language (Malayalam) Version. This includes posts on different media pages and shared by different celebrities. Since then, it has been viral on youtube, whatsapp and other social media pages also

The video was initially launched in facebook in the native language (malayalam) version. After the amazing response the video was translated to English and Chinese versions respectively.

The video has trashed the traditional concept of commercials and people loved it. The countless feedback are a testimonial for that. Many people have claimed it as the only advertisement they have ever shared to someone, EVER in their life.

English Version


Being India’s largest roof tile Franchise and the most popular roofing brand, KPG roofings had always been creative and innovative with its marketing techniques.

KPG roofings had wide range of marketing activities and mediums. The focus on visual media was limited as it was catering to the less-targetted audience in a mass.

Once the new Executive Director Mr. Rajeel KP took charge, The company started focusing more on branding and service quality improvement. The idea was to showcase the brand’s character and essence rather than showcasing material products. The customer should be able to understand the character and persona of the firm, igniting an emotional connection with the consumer.

A video commercial was essential to showcase what the brand stands for and the values it upholds. Rajeel was fascinated by the emotional ads that were featured on the web. He was highly enthusiastic about telling a story with moral values which the viewer can connect with their life.

A trial video was made for the Eid of 2019, where the celebration of Eid was connected with the gathering of family. The short animation video shared the powerful message of bonds of family and gathered 100K + views in facebook in just one day.

This made it clear that people are happy to support the content of value and love. This made the infamous ad possible

We have so far received details of 23 couples who fixed their relationship due to the influence of this video. I think this is the best social service we could ever do.

Mr. Fihir M (General Manager, KPG)


The primary idea was to uphold the values of the brand and develop an emotional connection with the viewers. This required an emotionally touching story that people could relate in their real-life with. That is how Rajeel bought in the initial idea of the story, which he further developed later.

Discussions was made with kami pictures, A small production house based on Calicut, to develop it into a visual story. As it was an experiment, The story was planned to be done in a smaller budget. But it required demanding visuals and incorporation of rain and numerous non-acting characters. Any increment in the fixed budget would deficit the budget for the promotional works. Luckily, the project was completed slightly over the budget but didn’t do much damage to the promotional budget of the ad.


The story was released on Facebook in the native language version, in Malayalam. This quickly gained huge appreciation and shares. people started showering appreciation and comments. The customer care number of KPG Roofings was flooded with calls to congratulate for the commercial and several people claiming how it affected their life.

The video went viral within the first day and started to be reposted on several other social media pages. One such page got around 2 million views for the ad in their page. The video went live on Instagram and youtube even before the official release in those platforms. People started talking about the video and spread like a wild fire on the whatsapp groups. Celebrities started personally sharing the videos claiming as the best ad they have ever seen in their life.

“Our customer care numbers were flooded with people expressing how they loved our content and families claiming how the story has affected their life.” says Mr. Fihir, The General Manager at KPG.” We have so far received stories of 23 couples who fixed their relationship due to the influence of this video. I think this is the best social service we could ever do. In fact, we may come up with testimonials of these couples as our next video story.

Numerous people have contacted Mr. Rajeel personally to congratulate for the story and the impact that it had made. “When we created the story, we focused more on telling a story which the viewers could relate to. There should be something about the story that the viewer want to share with the world. It should be something he believes in or something emotionally connecting him. Only then the viewer will share the story to his circle. This is what we tried to accomplish and we were somewhat successful in doing so” He said.

The ad was translated into English and Chinese following the viewer’s feedback.

The story was shared over 100,000 times and was well received by the audience.

Original Native version Video in Youtube

English Version video


KPG Roofings is India’s largest roofing supply with over 28 stores around the nation. Hailing from the family of KP Group, KPG Roofings established itself as a pioneering brand in the roofing industry within a short time.

KPG roofings have all ranges of roofing products and market them through its official showrooms only. This unique system without middlemen and commission agents allows for better customer service experience at much lesser costs.

With an estimated market share of 40% in the first quality segment, KPG roofings controls the majority market share in the sales of imported roof tiles. KPG ROOFINGS branded roof tiles comes in different profile and price ranges. This allows the customer to choose the product suiting his budget.

The eccentric combination of the dynamic young workforce and the skilled and mature leadership of the managing director Mr. KPP Thangal is the power source that drives KPG.

KPG roofings has started over 15 new showrooms within the last 2 years alone, amidst the two consecutive floods and followed economic crisis. The rapid growth has been accompanied by the addition of newer products like roofing shingles, roofing rivets, adhesives and other related items.

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