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Where to buy Roof tiles in Calicut / Kozhikode ?

Roofs are the crown of your homes. Every good house needs a perfect roofings to stand head straight proudly. Here we are listing the places in Kozhikode where you can buy high quality roof tiles. We are listing only our key showrooms, where you can walk in and examine and feel the quality of our roof tiles.

  1. KPG Roofings BalusseryRoof tiles in atholi, balussery, narikkuni, ponoor, vattoli, kozhikode
    This is a company direct outlet and located at Kattampally, Balussery. The godown has a capacity to store 60,000 pcs and always have ready stock for all the colours you will need. This outlet mainly targets customers for roof tiles in Balussery, Atholi, Andikkode, pooladikkunu, hamarassery, Koyilandy, Koorachundu, Koottalida, Cheekkilode and Vayalada.Contact : 075939 79706
    Find on KPG Roofings balussery, calicut on GOOGLE MAP
  2. KPG Roofings Kolathara
    This showroom has a large godown and has the storage of about 120,000 pcs. This ensures you get ready delivery at anytime. This outlet mainly targets customers for roof tiles in feroke, calicut town, nadakkavu, chungam, modern bazar, puthiyara, mankavu etc,

    Contact : 075939 79708

    Find on KPG Roofings kolathara, Kozhikode on GOOGLE MAP
  3. KPG Roofings Mukkam
    This showroom has an amazing treat of display and can contain about 60,000 pcs at any time. The outlet is located in karuthaparamba, Mukkam. This outlet mainly targets customers for roof tiles in mukkam, Kunnamangalam, Thamarassery, Thiruvambady, Mavoor, Koduvally, Areekode, Edavannappara etcContact : 098951 67718
    Find on KPG Roofings mukkam, Kozhikode on GOOGLE MAP
  4. KPG Roofings Kuttiyadi

    This is one of the oldest KPG showrooms and have a huge customer base. They always have a ready stock of 70,000 pcs available in their godown. They mainly sell roof tiles to kuttiyadi, paleri, nadapuram, thottilpalam, perambra etc.Contact : 086068 38333
    Find on KPG Roofings Kuttiyadi, Kozhikode on GOOGLE MAP

These are the main places in kozhikode district where you can buy roof tiles.

KPG Roof tiles Vs Traditional Clay Roof tiles

Do you love the distinctive and attractive look of KPG roof tiles? If the answer is yes, then you are among a growing number of homeowners who pick tiles as the roofing material of choice for their homes. KPG Tiles offer many great benefits including durability, Color permeability, longevity, energy-efficiency, great curb appeal, low maintenance, heat resistance and  wind mitigation (with proper installation and maintenance), fire safety, and more. KPG Branded Tiles are designed by perfect combination of high quality Ceramic and White clay ingredient.  White clay provides superior reflectivity, heat resistance, relatively lightweight, long lasting, fire and weather resistant, Low maintenance and Ceramic provides extremely hardness and durability.

Traditional clay tile roofing

Clay Tiles have been the most popular roofing material since ages. The durability and prevention of heat makes clay tiles more preferred over shingles, roofing sheets etc. These tiles are made by baking red clay at a very high temperature in the kiln. The porous structure of the roof tiles gives you a cool breezing effect also.

Eventhough one of the oldest and the most famous in the market, the clay tiles comes with a lot of drawbacks. The main one being the inability of the red clay tiles to withstand varying temperatures. The red clay is drawn to algea and fungus. Often the bright reddish colour of the red clay fades within 2-5 years due to the weather conditions. The density of red clay is lesser when comparing to the white clay, so more amount of red clay is needed to make the tiles stronger. Due to this, red clay are normally heavier than white clay and needs more truss work. The water absorbtion of clay tiles are also high, since the base material is standard clay itself.

  • Durable and longer life span than concrete tiles / roofing sheets
  • Prevents heat
  • Raw material is commonly seen red clay.
  • Effective covering area of 0.75 sq. feet per tile
  • Less efficient in varying temperature
  • Prone to algae and fungus
  • Absorbs more water
  • More heavier and needs stronger frame work to hold
  • Colour fades within short time

KPG Branded ceramic roof Tiles

Modern day KPG roof tiles offer great value for money as well as specific advantages over the alternative roofing materials. These have longer life compared to the traditional clay tiles, thanks to the white clay content and extreme compression techniques by the factory. The porcelain content give more strength to the roof tiles and have a load bearing capacity of 250 KGs. The ceramic coating in the external shell gives more resistance to the varying weather conditions. The water will be repelled by the coating and no water will be absorbed by the tiles. The colours have 3 layers of coating, triple than any other ceramic roof tiles, that ensures colours stays forever. At a glance, the advantages are:

  • Durability and have longer life than clay roof tiles
  • Prevents heat
  • Effective covering area of 1 sq. feet per tile
  • KPG tiles are water-proof, fire-proof, rust-proof and weather-proof, making it one of the most durable construction materials.
  • They can withstand any weather and their color does not fade away. KPG roof tiles even offer a 30 year warranty on the color. KPG roof tiles won’t rust, fade, warp, disfigure or corrode.
  • Prevents algae and fungus
  • The base material used to manufacture KPG tiles are natural white clay.
  • Due to KPG tiles being extremely durable, maintenance costs ranges from zero to Zero.
  • KPG Branded tiles are lighter (2.2 kg) than traditional clay tiles (2.8 kg) and have much more density. This ensure the KPG roof tiles are more stronger and durable than clay roof tiles.
  • Load bearing capacity of 250 kgs
  • Visually Stunning and premium looks.
  • Available in 15+ colours.

In addition to the effective advantages KPG tiles offer, they also look wonderful and have a distinctive European appeal due to their longevity and durability, your home will retain its aesthetic appeal for a long period of time. Also, because KPG tiles can be in standard shapes and sizes, one does not need to worry about their home looking like one of many clay tiled roofs.


Considering the base material, both are naturally occurring clay and completely natural. Still, in terms of quality, reliability, density, strength etc KPG roof tiles are far more superior than normal clay roof tiles. Also the red clay tiles are not popular for withstanding weather conditions, and is infamously drawn towards algae and fungus. KPG Branded Tiles are designed by perfect combination of high quality Ceramic and White clay ingredient. White clay provides superior reflectivity, heat resistance, relatively lightweight, long lasting, fire and weather resistant, Low maintenance and Ceramic provides extremely hardness and durability.

The effective coverage area is also lesser, so in a cost wise comparison including the installation and maintenance, we can see that kpg roof tiles are a better bet than the traditional roof tiles.

You can select from 15+ colour samples of KPG roof tiles from our various outlets across kerala.

NB: Red clay tiles are also available at premium quality for a slightly better price. These are harder than traditional clay tiles and offer much better durability and colour.

Roof tiles Price list in kerala / India

Roof tiles are a major factor in determining the aesthetics and beauty of your homes.Blue grey kerala roof tiles If you are living in a place like Kerala, where we have rainfall throughout the year, a reliable roofing is a must factor for your homes. Roof tiles has been used in India from a long time ago and has been marked as the crown of your home by the world. But what about the expense for roofing your homes ? What will be the price of different roof tiles available in kerala and india ?

We are here to introduce you with the most popular roofing tile models available in the kerala market and their price list.

Before checking on the price list, also check the Tips to chose the best roof colour for your home.

Which is the best roof tiles brand in India ?

KPG roofings is undoubtedly the best roofing tile brand in India. KPG roofings, being India’s largest roof tile showroom network currently have 37 showrooms across Kerala, karnataka, Telengana, Tamil nadu and andhra pradesh. KPG roofings is currently the most sold roof tiles in kerala and Karnataka and the most sold colour coated roof tiles in entire INDIA.

KPG roofings does not have third-party dealers like other factories. Most of the KPG showrooms are either owned partially or completely by the company, or authorised franchises. This ensures the customer gets only quality products at the best possible rate.

Across different segments and colours, KPG roofings have 39 items of roof tiles. This ensure customer have a wide variety of selection. These showrooms also have other roofing products like roofing shingles, sandwich panels etc.

Roof tile Price List in 2022 – Kerala, India

Just as any other products available in the market, roof tiles also comes up with various price levels, depending upon their quality and profile. We have made a complete list of roofing options available in India. You can refer to the post to read more. Let us have a look

    1. Traditional Clay Roof tiles

      Traditional Roof tiles have been in the market for several decades. The high maintenance and less aesthetic appeal have reduced their popularity and caused them to fade away from the main stream. Even-though they are not so preferred in the recent years, there are still vendors selling these tiles. The main problem with these tiles are their inability to resist weather changes, algae and Fungus. Since they are plain mud clay, the water absorption of these tiles are comparatively more than others. Their colour is also prone to change over time. The strength of these tiles are also very low and can cause a lot of damage in the time of laying.

      Avg Price for First Quality Traditional Roof tiles : Rs 47
      Remarks  : Will need additional cost for painting (in case you need different colour), and will need frequent maintenance since it is prone to natural attacks and colour fading.

      Read this post for the difference between traditional tiles and modern branded tiles

    2. Red Clay Roof tile

      These are similar to the traditional roof tiles, actually made from red clay tiles. They are of two kinds – Tiles with colour coating and the tiles without coating. The tiles without coating are usually imported from other countries with various profiles. They looks bulky and elegant, and are usually expensive. They are generally imported from Spain, Portugal, Malaysia, Indonesia, US etc and are prone to algae and fungus. They have been a disappointment in the indian weather, but still manages to hold a large market share due to its elite customer base and premium feel.

      There are also some roofers who markets red clay roofings with quality colour coating, similar to that in white clay roof tiles. These are also usually expensive than the white clay tiles, but comes only in a few popular profiles. These are high quality tiles but less popular due to the scarcity in selection.

      Avg price of Red clay roof tiles: Rs. 100.

    3. Concrete roof tiles

      These tiles were popular for some time, due to the availability of different colours. They comes in different colours and profiles. But they were highly criticised and discouraged by everyone in the industry during the course of time. The main reason includes their heavy weight, need for much more stronger truss works, Water leakage and fading colours. But they are still being sold in the market by several manufacturers and the wide selection of colours attract customers to these tiles. This tiles also adds more heat inside the house, defeating one of the core purpose of using roof tiles, since it is made of concrete. These are exposed to the rain water and sunlight and cracks, leakage and algae are a common story for these tiles. All these reduces its reliability and efficiency, but still the aesthetics force some people to give it a try.

      concrete roof tile
      Avg Price for concrete roof tiles : Rs. 65
      remarks: These will add more load and heat to your roof.

    4. Chinese ceramic roof tiles

      Chinese ceramic roof tiles are actually the second quality white clay roof tiles imported from china. They are a cheaper form of the normal ceramic white clay roofing tiles and inherits most of its features. The colour coating, load bearing capacity, resistance to environment etc are also claimed by these tiles also. They are aesthetically pleasing and looks better than concrete roof tiles. They also are highly durable and colour coating is better than concrete roof tiles and all the domestic/ spanish /indoneasean / malaysian/ American clay roof tiles available in the market. The white clay and ceramic coating gives it better colour coating than the red clay models and also provide weather resistance. Unlike the first quality tiles, these roofing tiles will be only having a single colour coating and the content of porcelain will be very low, resulting in a lower finishing than the later.

      Avg Price of Chinese ceramic roof tiles (Elephant / Ball / Sun Brand) : Rs 66

    5. White clay roof tiles

      These tiles have been very popular lately due to many unique features. These are technically a premium version of the ceramic coated roof tiles, but made from more pure white clay. Hence these are commonly referred to as White clay roof tiles. These tiles are far more superior than the normal roof tiles. Major advantages of these includes strength, load bearing, weather resistance, colour permanence and much more. They have colour coating that never fades. First quality ceramic roof tiles like KPG branded roof tiles have triple layers of coating for colour protection and are available in a wide variety of colours. These tiles can also bear load upto 250KGs of weight. This has been very popular in hot areas and also in areas with huge rainfall, since this is completely weather proof and has resistance to all natural wear and tear. It is more stronger than traditional roof tiles or concrete roofings, yet it is less heavier than both of them. This makes it easier for installation and will require relatively less truss work. These are available in different shades and profiles. The first quality tiles are available in different profiles and features.

      The classic series gives you elegant and unique aesthetics. These tiles have the best colour coating available in the indian market is less thicker and light weight, making it easier to work with. These are the most popular item and are available in 6 different colour shades. This is the most affordable and budget friendly branded tiles you will ever get.

      The Excel series gives you excellent colour, glazing and photo finish. They are also light weight and is completely made up of white clay, which gives them unique glazing and finish, much like the floor tiles. They look superior over other tiles due to their profile and colour and is the best fit for those who seeks perfection.

      The Jasper roof tiles series blends the both of the above, Gives you the perfect combination of the sexy and powerful tiles. These series are aesthetically appealing and highly reliable. They have similar weight, but due to the mixture of slight amount of red clay and longer processing time, they are more durable and less prone to damages.

This is the ultimate roof tiles available in the indian market and is a flagship product of KPG, which makes it the best choice for your dream home.

Price for Branded white clay tiles : Approx Rs 70 – 90

Final Words – Pricing in India

So we have tabulated the normal price of roof tiles in kerala – India. Please note that these prices may vary depending upon the area, brand and quality of the tiles. Please use the below list just as a reference to the pricing only.

 Type of Tile Avg Price
Traditional Clay Roof tiles ₹47
Red Clay Roof tile ₹100
Concrete roof tiles ₹65
Chinese ceramic roof tiles ₹66
White clay roof tiles ₹80

There may be additional costs like transportation, labour costs etc apart from this. In the white clay series, there are more than 4 price ranges in KPG Roofings. This allows you to select the quality that is affordable in your budget level. You can contact the KPG Roofings customer care at +91-9562-888-666 for additional enquiries

Flat roof Vs Sloped roof : Which type of slope to prefer in Kerala / india ?

The discussions on whether building a flat roof or building a slopped roof for your home is very common nowadays. This is perhaps one of the highly confusing part for most of the common people and even architects are confused about this. So, here we are just going through the pros and cons of both the structure.

Before we start, It is better to know that no roof can be made as completely flat. This will let the water reside in the roof/concrete. Water is very very heavier and can cause critical damage to the house. So, Even in flat roof structure, there will be a mild slope to drain out the water.

The flat roof has been popular over time throughout india and in kerala. These are inspired from foreign designs and modular concept. This design ensures that you have effectively used all the available space. These are generally preferred in the places with lesser rainfall. This style can looks aesthetically stunning with exterior elements like glass, ACP works, cladding works, pergola designs etc.

Advantages / Disadvantages of Flat Roof

  • Aesthetically stunning with added elements like glass, lights, pergola design etc.
  • Faster construction and is easier to work with.
  • Initial cost is less compared to sloped roof, considering the reduced need of labour and materials.
  • Not preferred in areas with heavy rainfall since it is harder for water to completely drain out. Water will  be heavier and can cause serious damage to your roof. Also when water is stocked at the roof, chances are roof may experience collapse or leakage.
  • Relatively lesser life and maintenance  required due to accumulation of water.
  • Takes in more heat since less air space and air circulation between living area and roof.
  • you will loss the opportunity to implement an attractive roofing, since usage of roofing tiles / roofing sheets will be less relevant as they have no view from outside.

Advantages / Disadvantages of Slopped Roof

  • Gives a traditional, antique and royal style to your house, coupling with external decors suiting the theme.
  • Gives you excellent opportunity to add a crown to your home and showcase the beauty of your roofing tiles / sheets. Installing an attractive roofings will give your home a precious and aesthetically advanced outlook. Check out the roof tile colour selector to see some samples.
  • Renowned for their long life and reliability.
  • Highly preferred in areas with good amount of rainfall, as this will completely drains out the water completely. Usage of roofing sheets or roof tiles will ensure the water never gets settled in your terrace
  • Initial cost could be more than flat roof as it needs more labour and materials.
  • Heat will be lesser than flat roof. There will be more air room and ventilation due to the slanting structure and height, effectively resulting in reduced temperature due to the air circulation.
  • Temperature can be further reduced by usage of heat resisting roofings.


Comparing both the structures, it is clear that in a place like kerala, where there is rainfall for 6 months, Slopped roof structure is preferred over the flat roof structure. The slightly higher initial cost will be balanced over the course of time, by the lesser maintenance expense. Slopped roof tile also gives you more option to spice up your homes by roof tiles / roofing sheets, more resistance to heat and a more durable roof with longer lifespan.