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Is it safe to walk on Roof tiles?

While most roof tiles are not designed to withstand the pressure and movement of someone walking on them, white clay tiles, especially those that are glazed and specifically designed for higher load-bearing capacity, can be an exception to some extent. Walking on roof tiles is generally not recommended because it poses safety risks and can […]

Clay Ceiling Tiles + Roof tiles: The Artistic and Functional Upgrade for Indian Homes

In the realm of home construction and interior design, every detail contributes to the overall ambiance and functionality of a living space. In Indian homes, where aesthetics and practicality are equally valued, the choice of ceiling material is crucial. Clay ceiling tiles, laid beneath the roof tiles, are emerging as a preferred choice for discerning […]

AAC blocks – What and where to AAC blocks buy in kerala

Construction materials have evolved greatly over the years, and AAC blocks are one of the recent developments. AAC blocks, also known as Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks, have become increasingly popular in the construction industry for their many benefits. In this article, we will discuss the production process, advantages, and disadvantages of AAC blocks, as well […]

Roofing Tiles and Nailing: Nails or screws ? Do You Really Need It?

When it comes to roofing, every component has its unique purpose and contribution to the overall structure’s stability. One such element that often raises questions is the use of nails in hanging ceramic roof tiles. Unlike traditional clay tiles, ceramic tiles don’t have legs or hangers to support their weight. So, how do these tiles […]

Roofing shingles – The ultimate Guide

What we learn ? This post discuss about roofing shingles, advantages / disadvantages of roofing shingles, Costs and roofing shingles price list in india, and how to select the right roofing shigles for your homes ! Roofing is one of the most important aspects of a home. Even though there are a lot of roofing […]

White clay Ceramic Roof tiles – An ultimate guide

As a human being, one of our most important necessities is shelter. A home is where our life begins and ultimately ends. It is where we spent most of our life. So, it is not surprising that we tend to take a lot of time on deciding on how our dream home should come out. […]

What is the importance of Rainwater Gutters?

Of all the seasons, monsoon is the one that brings a loss of destruction and loss. Rains though very important are also a major player in the damage done to our homes. In Kerala and more generally South India, we receive plentiful rain in the monsoon seasons starting from June. Too much rain can cause […]