MFP Nanoceramic Roofing Tile: Lightweight and Durable roofing solution

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Roofing is an integral part of our houses and offices.  As such, the amount of effort and thought put into deciding the perfect roofing solution for our homes is far more than the amount of effort we may put into selecting our floor tiles.

In a country like India, where the weather shows no mercy and there is always a chance for heavy rains and dry summers, roofing is what keeps us safe and secure.

With the climatic variation in mind, it is not hard for us to find out why roof tiles have been around for such a long time. This tells us why roofing tiles are still adopted by a majority of the population.

With so many materials and designs to choose from, roof tile selection can be a bit of a hard process, but one worth the effort. It is an investment in your and your family’s safety.

Selecting a roof tile color and design might still be hard but fret not as selecting your roofing material has become extremely easy. With the introduction of our brand new Nano Ceramic Roofing Tiles, your search for the best roofing solution ends.

Nano-Ceramic Roof tiles

MFP Nanoceramic Roof Tiles (minerel filled polymer) is the next major thing in the roofing industry and now, you can get your hands on them by heading to your nearest KPG Roofings Store.

Unlike other plastic roofing materials, Nano-ceramic Roof Tiles are made by adding Nano Ceramic material and fiber which gives you several advantages over traditional roof tiles. 

Nano ceramic roof tiles are very similar to the white clay roof tiles, or ceramic roof tiles as they are often called, which is considered to be the best roofing material available in india.

The Nano-ceramic Roof Tiles are made from a Nano-Ceramic mineral composition which gives it more durability than a traditional clay roofing tile.

Now, why is this better would be the next big question that comes to your mind?

The reason for it is simple. Normal roofing tiles, like traditional clay roofing tile we normally see and use nowadays have 3.5 to 5KG per tile. This makes the roof heavy.

In short notice, it may not seem much but when you take a roof as a whole, it is quite heavy. This often leads to cracks and damage to the house as a whole.

Nano ceramic only weights 400 gms where as even ceramic roof tiles, the king of roofing materials weighs around 2.3 KGs. So, this can increase a little bit in reducing the costs of the structure work required for the homes.

This also makes sure that installation of these roof tiles is easier and hassle-free. Usually, the installation workers have to be very careful to not damage or break roof tiles accidentally. Since these are plastic materials and not clay, it will not be broken easily. Ceramic roof tiles, even-though it have very high load bearing capacity of around 250KGs, will break if it falls or if anything like metals falls on it. Keep in mind that even a car can pass through the top of the ceramic tile and it will not break, but during handling by workers, there are chances.

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Also, it’s very hard for someone to move around on the roof in case there is any need. With the new Nano-ceramic roofings being extremely durable, it’s easier to install and one can even move around freely over it if the need comes because of its durability.

Nano-ceramic roofings are made of a highly dense nano-ceramic mineral material and therefore aren’t porous, unlike traditional clay roofing materials which have lots of pores on their surface.

This can cause water to seep in and thus allowing fungus and mosses to grow over them. It can also make the roof damp and even lead to heat retention during hot days.

MFP roofs on the other hand don’t have pores and hence keeps fungus, moisture, and mosses out of your roofs. The silver oxide technology, As the manufactures say, implemented in the roof tiles also kills bacteria and fungus that spreads over roofs.

Call us at +91 9562 888 666 for any doubts or clarifications. Our experts will help you

Just like the ceramic roof tiles, the nano ceramic roof tiles will also repeals the algea. Ceramic roof tiles can boast the colour life of 50 years or upto centuries, as history has shown us. Nano ceramic roof tiles colour will also lasts for 15 years.

Another major risk that roofs face is lightning and in India, where we receive abundant rains and witness frequent thunderstorms, our roofing is what gives us protection from lightning. Fret not as the Nano-ceramic roof tiles are made of a dielectric material that does not conduct electricity. But fire, fire crackers, welding sparks etc may destroy your nano ceramic roof tiles. So keep in mind that in areas where there are chances for fire or sparks like this, may be in kitchen or areas like that, it is not advised to use nano ceramic.

So the next time there is a thunderstorm in your area, you can stay safe with your loved one enjoying the rain.  Nano-ceramic roofs are also made to reduce noise. Due to its design and materials used, even strong rains won’t make dripping sounds and you can have a noise-free atmosphere at home. 

Above all, Nano-ceramic roofing tiles provide great heat resistance due to the design which creates excellent air circulation over the roof and the material also keeps heat from being retained inside it. Please keep in mind that colour also plays the important role in controlling the temperature.

This makes sure that your house remains several degrees colder than before. 

Call us at +91 9562 888 666 for any doubts or clarifications. Our experts will help you

Now, for the sweet part, these tiles are very affordable compared to many other roofing solutions. They are available in several colors and more designs will be made available shortly.

These tiles are also made in India and thus, we are supporting the countries workman and economy. The affordability, durability, feather-like weight is what make this innovative new product stand out from the rest.

One can visit any of the KPG Roofing branches to enquire about these tiles and get a personalized quotation for their home or office.

Since we don’t have any middlemen, the deals will be between our customers and ourselves, thus making sure that you get the best quality product at the most nominable rates without any hassle.

So go ahead and visit your nearest KPG Roofing store and get your homes its best friend, the Nano-ceramic roof tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding MFP Roof Tiles:

What is MFP made of?

MFP roof tiles are made of a high-density nano-ceramic mineral with extremely high shock resistance. During the manufacturing process, the material goes through a thermal treatment called density polymerization to guarantee better mechanical and thermal resistance

How long do they last?

MFP roof tiles last well over 15 years. They are very durable, can withstand heavy weather conditions and are more resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks and there is negligible colour migration. This makes sure that your roof is always sturdy and fresh-looking.

Does it withstand the weather and climatic conditions in India?

MFP Roof tiles are made in India with India’s varying and changing climatic condition in mind. May it be strong rain with high-speed winds and thunderstorms during monsoons or the harsh sunlight and heat during summers, we’ve got you covered. It is non-porous thus prevents water and heat retention. The presence of silver oxide technology further makes sure that moss, fungus and bacteria don’t grow over your roof. The dielectric property of the material used makes the roofs bad conductors hence, preventing harm during a thunderstorm. The streamlined design with air vents along with the material makes sure that the roof does not store up the heat and hence heating the entire house inside.

Where do I buy MFP roof tiles?

MFP Roof tiles are available at all branches of KPG Roofings in varying colours and soon in many more designs to make sure that your house looks regal and it remains safe. They are very affordable and are available with installation is taken care of by KPG itself which makes sure that you don’t lose money on middlemen or get tricked into the faulty installation.

What is the cost of Nanoceramic roof tiles?

The average costs vary from 75 rupees per tile to 150 rupees for the flat models. Pricing depends upon the quantity and area of delivery.

 Type of TileAvg Price
Nano ceramic roof tiles₹150
Red Clay Roof tile₹100
Concrete roof tiles₹65
Traditional roof tiles₹47
White clay roof tiles₹62

What more?

By using MFP, you are not only making your house beautiful and safer than ever but you’re also saving mother nature. These roof tiles are re-processable and eco friendly and therefore minimizes the impact on the environment.

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