Flat roof Vs Sloped roof : Which type of slope to prefer in Kerala / india ?

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The discussions on whether building a flat roof or building a slopped roof for your home is very common nowadays. This is perhaps one of the highly confusing part for most of the common people and even architects are confused about this. So, here we are just going through the pros and cons of both the structure.

Before we start, It is better to know that no roof can be made as completely flat. This will let the water reside in the roof/concrete. Water is very very heavier and can cause critical damage to the house. So, Even in flat roof structure, there will be a mild slope to drain out the water.

The flat roof has been popular over time throughout india and in kerala. These are inspired from foreign designs and modular concept. This design ensures that you have effectively used all the available space. These are generally preferred in the places with lesser rainfall. This style can looks aesthetically stunning with exterior elements like glass, ACP works, cladding works, pergola designs etc.

Advantages / Disadvantages of Flat Roof

  • Aesthetically stunning with added elements like glass, lights, pergola design etc.
  • Faster construction and is easier to work with.
  • Initial cost is less compared to sloped roof, considering the reduced need of labour and materials.
  • Not preferred in areas with heavy rainfall since it is harder for water to completely drain out. Water will  be heavier and can cause serious damage to your roof. Also when water is stocked at the roof, chances are roof may experience collapse or leakage.
  • Relatively lesser life and maintenance  required due to accumulation of water.
  • Takes in more heat since less air space and air circulation between living area and roof.
  • you will loss the opportunity to implement an attractive roofing, since usage of roofing tiles / roofing sheets will be less relevant as they have no view from outside.

Advantages / Disadvantages of Slopped Roof

  • Gives a traditional, antique and royal style to your house, coupling with external decors suiting the theme.
  • Gives you excellent opportunity to add a crown to your home and showcase the beauty of your roofing tiles / sheets. Installing an attractive roofings will give your home a precious and aesthetically advanced outlook. Check out the roof tile colour selector to see some samples.
  • Renowned for their long life and reliability.
  • Highly preferred in areas with good amount of rainfall, as this will completely drains out the water completely. Usage of roofing sheets or roof tiles will ensure the water never gets settled in your terrace
  • Initial cost could be more than flat roof as it needs more labour and materials.
  • Heat will be lesser than flat roof. There will be more air room and ventilation due to the slanting structure and height, effectively resulting in reduced temperature due to the air circulation.
  • Temperature can be further reduced by usage of heat resisting roofings.


Comparing both the structures, it is clear that in a place like kerala, where there is rainfall for 6 months, Slopped roof structure is preferred over the flat roof structure. The slightly higher initial cost will be balanced over the course of time, by the lesser maintenance expense. Slopped roof tile also gives you more option to spice up your homes by roof tiles / roofing sheets, more resistance to heat and a more durable roof with longer lifespan.

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