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MFP Nanoceramic Roofing Tile: Lightweight and Durable roofing solution

MFP Nanoceramic Roof Tiles is the next major thing in the roofing industry and now, you can get your hands on them by heading to your nearest KPG Roofings Store.

Roofing is an integral part of our houses and offices.  As such, the amount of effort and thought put into deciding the perfect roofing solution for our homes is far more than the amount of effort we may put into selecting our floor tiles.

In a country like India, where the weather shows no mercy and there is always a chance for heavy rains and dry summers, roofing is what keeps us safe and secure.

With the climatic variation in mind, it is not hard for us to find out why roof tiles have been around for such a long time. This tells us why roofing tiles are still adopted by a majority of the population.

With so many materials and designs to choose from, roof tile selection can be a bit of a hard process, but one worth the effort. It is an investment in your and your family’s safety.

Selecting a roof tile color and design might still be hard but fret not as selecting your roofing material has become extremely easy. With the introduction of our brand new Nano Ceramic Roofing Tiles, your search for the best roofing solution ends.

Nano-ceramic Roof Tiles are made from Nano Ceramic material which gives you several advantages over traditional roof tiles. 

The Nano-ceramic Roof Tiles are made from a Nano-Ceramic mineral composition which gives it more durability than a ceramic roofing tile at just 1/8th of a normal ceramic roof tile.

Now, why is this better would be the next big question that comes to your mind?

The reason for it is simple. Normal roofing tiles, like ceramic tiles we normally see and use nowadays have 1.5 to 4KG per tile. This makes the roof heavy.

In short notice, it may not seem much but when you take a roof as a whole, it is quite heavy. This often leads to cracks and damage to the house as a whole.

This may make us doubt its integrity and durability. There is no need to worry about its durability as it is made of  Nano-Ceramic minerals and as such, the final finish is very durable and even more flexible and torture proof than regular old ceramic.

This also makes sure that installation of these roof tiles is easier and hassle-free. Usually, the installation workers have to be very careful to not damage or break roof tiles accidentally.

Also, it’s very hard for someone to move around on the roof in case there is any need. With the new Nano-ceramic roofings being extremely durable, it’s easier to install and one can even move around freely over it if the need comes because of its durability.

Nano-ceramic roofings can stand strong and withstand anything that nature has to throw at them from heavy rains to the hottest sun.

Nano-ceramic roofings are made of a highly dense nano-ceramic mineral material and therefore aren’t porous, unlike other roofing materials which have lots of pores on their surface.

This can cause water to seep in and thus allowing fungus and mosses to grow over them. It can also make the roof damp and even lead to heat retention during hot days.

MFP roofs on the other hand don’t have pores and hence keeps fungus, moisture, and mosses out of your roofs. The silver oxide technology implemented in the roof tiles also kills bacteria and fungus that spreads over roofs.

Another major risk that roofs face is lightning and in India, where we receive abundant rains and witness frequent thunderstorms, our roofing is what gives us protection from lightning. Fret not as the Nano-ceramic roof tiles are made of a dielectric material that does not conduct electricity.

So the next time there is a thunderstorm in your area, you can stay safe with your loved one enjoying the rain.  Nano-ceramic roofs are also made to reduce noise. Due to its design and materials used, even strong rains won’t make dripping sounds and you can have a noise-free atmosphere at home. 

Above all, Nano-ceramic roofing tiles provide great heat resistance due to the design which creates excellent air circulation over the roof and the material also keeps heat from being retained inside it.

This makes sure that your house remains several degrees colder than before. 

Now, for the sweet part, these tiles are very affordable compared to many other roofing solutions. They are available in several colors and more designs will be made available shortly.

These tiles are also made in India and thus, we are supporting the countries workman and economy. The affordability, durability, feather-like weight is what make this innovative new product stand out from the rest.

They also have a very long lifespan of over 15 years with a guarantee. 

One can visit any of the KPG Roofing branches to enquire about these tiles and get a personalized quotation for their home or office.

Since we don’t have any middlemen, the deals will be between our customers and ourselves, thus making sure that you get the best quality product at the most nominable rates without any hassle.

So go ahead and visit your nearest KPG Roofing store and get your homes its best friend, the Nano-ceramic roof tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding MFP Roof Tiles:

What is MFP made of?

MFP roof tiles are made of a high-density nano-ceramic mineral with extremely high shock resistance. During the manufacturing process, the material goes through a thermal treatment called density polymerization to guarantee better mechanical and thermal resistance

How long do they last?

MFP roof tiles last well over 15 years. They are very durable, can withstand heavy weather conditions and are more resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks and there is negligible colour migration. This makes sure that your roof is always sturdy and fresh-looking.

Does it withstand the weather and climatic conditions in India?

MFP Roof tiles are made in India with India’s varying and changing climatic condition in mind. May it be strong rain with high-speed winds and thunderstorms during monsoons or the harsh sunlight and heat during summers, we’ve got you covered. It is non-porous thus prevents water and heat retention. The presence of silver oxide technology further makes sure that moss, fungus and bacteria don’t grow over your roof. The dielectric property of the material used makes the roofs bad conductors hence, preventing harm during a thunderstorm. The streamlined design with air vents along with the material makes sure that the roof does not store up the heat and hence heating the entire house inside.

Where do I buy MFP roof tiles?

MFP Roof tiles are available at all branches of KPG Roofings in varying colours and soon in many more designs to make sure that your house looks regal and it remains safe. They are very affordable and are available with installation is taken care of by KPG itself which makes sure that you don’t lose money on middlemen or get tricked into the faulty installation.

What more?

By using MFP, you are not only making your house beautiful and safer than ever but you’re also saving mother nature. These roof tiles are re-processable and eco friendly and therefore minimizes the impact on the environment.

How the KPG advertisement went Viral? The success story of our Public service Ad film

The KPG roofings Public-Service Ad video ad under the name of “Under each roof, There is a home” has been going viral over the internet for quite some days.

The video have received around 7 Million+ views in Facebook alone for the native language (Malayalam) Version. This includes posts on different media pages and shared by different celebrities. Since then, it has been viral on youtube, whatsapp and other social media pages also

The video was initially launched in facebook in the native language (malayalam) version. After the amazing response the video was translated to English and Chinese versions respectively.

The video has trashed the traditional concept of commercials and people loved it. The countless feedback are a testimonial for that. Many people have claimed it as the only advertisement they have ever shared to someone, EVER in their life.

English Version


Being India’s largest roof tile Franchise and the most popular roofing brand, KPG roofings had always been creative and innovative with its marketing techniques.

KPG roofings had wide range of marketing activities and mediums. The focus on visual media was limited as it was catering to the less-targetted audience in a mass.

Once the new Executive Director Mr. Rajeel KP took charge, The company started focusing more on branding and service quality improvement. The idea was to showcase the brand’s character and essence rather than showcasing material products. The customer should be able to understand the character and persona of the firm, igniting an emotional connection with the consumer.

A video commercial was essential to showcase what the brand stands for and the values it upholds. Rajeel was fascinated by the emotional ads that were featured on the web. He was highly enthusiastic about telling a story with moral values which the viewer can connect with their life.

A trial video was made for the Eid of 2019, where the celebration of Eid was connected with the gathering of family. The short animation video shared the powerful message of bonds of family and gathered 100K + views in facebook in just one day.

This made it clear that people are happy to support the content of value and love. This made the infamous ad possible

We have so far received details of 23 couples who fixed their relationship due to the influence of this video. I think this is the best social service we could ever do.

Mr. Fihir M (General Manager, KPG)


The primary idea was to uphold the values of the brand and develop an emotional connection with the viewers. This required an emotionally touching story that people could relate in their real-life with. That is how Rajeel bought in the initial idea of the story, which he further developed later.

Discussions was made with kami pictures, A small production house based on Calicut, to develop it into a visual story. As it was an experiment, The story was planned to be done in a smaller budget. But it required demanding visuals and incorporation of rain and numerous non-acting characters. Any increment in the fixed budget would deficit the budget for the promotional works. Luckily, the project was completed slightly over the budget but didn’t do much damage to the promotional budget of the ad.


The story was released on Facebook in the native language version, in Malayalam. This quickly gained huge appreciation and shares. people started showering appreciation and comments. The customer care number of KPG Roofings was flooded with calls to congratulate for the commercial and several people claiming how it affected their life.

The video went viral within the first day and started to be reposted on several other social media pages. One such page got around 2 million views for the ad in their page. The video went live on Instagram and youtube even before the official release in those platforms. People started talking about the video and spread like a wild fire on the whatsapp groups. Celebrities started personally sharing the videos claiming as the best ad they have ever seen in their life.

“Our customer care numbers were flooded with people expressing how they loved our content and families claiming how the story has affected their life.” says Mr. Fihir, The General Manager at KPG.” We have so far received stories of 23 couples who fixed their relationship due to the influence of this video. I think this is the best social service we could ever do. In fact, we may come up with testimonials of these couples as our next video story.

Numerous people have contacted Mr. Rajeel personally to congratulate for the story and the impact that it had made. “When we created the story, we focused more on telling a story which the viewers could relate to. There should be something about the story that the viewer want to share with the world. It should be something he believes in or something emotionally connecting him. Only then the viewer will share the story to his circle. This is what we tried to accomplish and we were somewhat successful in doing so” He said.

The ad was translated into English and Chinese following the viewer’s feedback.

The story was shared over 100,000 times and was well received by the audience.

Original Native version Video in Youtube

English Version video


KPG Roofings is India’s largest roofing supply with over 28 stores around the nation. Hailing from the family of KP Group, KPG Roofings established itself as a pioneering brand in the roofing industry within a short time.

KPG roofings have all ranges of roofing products and market them through its official showrooms only. This unique system without middlemen and commission agents allows for better customer service experience at much lesser costs.

With an estimated market share of 40% in the first quality segment, KPG roofings controls the majority market share in the sales of imported roof tiles. KPG ROOFINGS branded roof tiles comes in different profile and price ranges. This allows the customer to choose the product suiting his budget.

The eccentric combination of the dynamic young workforce and the skilled and mature leadership of the managing director Mr. KPP Thangal is the power source that drives KPG.

KPG roofings has started over 15 new showrooms within the last 2 years alone, amidst the two consecutive floods and followed economic crisis. The rapid growth has been accompanied by the addition of newer products like roofing shingles, roofing rivets, adhesives and other related items.

Roofing shingles – The ultimate Guide

What we learn ?

This post discuss about roofing shingles, advantages / disadvantages of roofing shingles, Costs and roofing shingles price list in india, and how to select the right roofing shigles for your homes !

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of a home. Even though there are a lot of roofing options available in India, The most unique and trending items in the market is roofing shingles. 

 Being the poster-boy of roofing in European/American countries, shingles do have a huge fan base in the Indian market.

Today we are going to dive into details of roofing shingles – whether it is useful in the indian scenario, Its advantages and disadvantages, different types of shingles and their pricing and the methods to select the right shingles for your home


Shingles may be made of various materials with each having their advantage and disadvantage. Some of the widely used materials include wood, metal, asphalt, plastic, organic materials et cetera.

Therefore, we must be completely aware of its advantages and disadvantages before we think about installing them at our home/office. 

Advantages of Shingle roofing:

  1. Shingles are one of the most commonly used roofing for residential homes. 
  2. They are affordable. Shingles are easy to acquire and have a lower cost compared to many other types of roofing. They are available in various price brackets and are therefore popular among all types of customers.
  3. They are usually used for steep-sloped structures which are usually the most commonly seen in India where rain is a major player.
  4. They are very easy to install. We can easily cut, fasten, and fit. Therefore they take less time and therefore less installation cost compared to other roofing solutions.
  5. These asphalt shingles does not require other accessories for roof edges, wall terminations, chimneys or vent flashings.
  6. Shingles are environment friendly. Shingles are often made of environmentally friendly materials and those that do not harm the environment. Moreover, unlike other roofing, shingles can be considered as a roofing that is environmentally compatible due to its vast accessibility and use. 
  7. Shingles often look traditional and grandeur when compared with flat concrete roofs.
  8. They often have a lifetime warranty.
  9. The maintenance required is quite low. They are strong, durable, and long-lasting.
  10. They are so durable that a person can walk over it without damaging them.
  11. Asphalt roof shingles are lightweight and they often go hand in hand with all other roof types.
  12. Maintenance if required is quite easy. It can even be done by a layman.
  13. They are available In several colors and designs. We can easily select the roofing to match our color palette.
  14. Most brands provide you with class A fire protection.
  15. They are way less costly and come in various price ranges and multiple materials.
  16. Another main advantage is that it can help rainwater to easily fall to the ground due to steep slopes and prevent it from clogging on your rooftops and gradually leaking in.
  17. Shingles also reduce the amount of heat that your house retains and the use of shingles often leads to reduce room temperatures.

Disadvantages of Shingle roofing:

  1. One of the biggest enemies of a roofing shingle is the wind. Strong, high-speed winds can uplift, damage or tear shingles off. 
  2. Some types of Asphalt shingles absorb heat into homes and sometimes this leads to damage to shingles.
  3. The longevity of shingles often depends on material and quality. If not chosen well, shingles may sometimes even last only long as 20 to 30 years.
  4. Another problem that shingles may face is due to dew droplet and dew formation at shady areas of your roof, gradually damaging the shingles.
  5. One of the associated problems of moisture is the growth of moss on the shingles. This too is susceptible if left untouched for a long time. This is a major issue for shingles in the indian market

Now, we have seen the advantages and disadvantages that roofing shingles possess. One must be careful in selecting the roofing solution and must look for the best material to use for their home before buying roofing shingles. 


In India, you can find various types of roofing shingles made using different material and in various price ranges with varying quality. Therefore it is very important to understand and select roofing shingles according to ones needs and taste. The three main types are Asphalt, Tiles and Metallic shingles.

Types of Shingles:

A. Asphalt Shingles:

These types of shingles are quite commonly used. They’re used more often due to its availability and affordability.  They are made of various materials and used at all kinds of homes and buildings as they go along with any look. They generally cost between INR 80 and 150 per square feet.

Of the various types of Asphalt roofing materials, some of the most widely used ones are:

    1. Fibreglass roofing shingles and Organic roofing shingles: Both these are quite similar because they have Asphalt exteriors. The only noticeable difference being that in the use of the item for their base. A fibreglass variant as the name suggests has a fibreglass material for its base while an organic one usually has wood-based material like paper et cetera for its base. Fibreglass shingles work better in heat and due to it having less asphalt, is more eco-friendly. On the other side, it provides less resistance to cold when compared with organic shingles. The organic shingles also last longer.
    2. Solar reflective shingles: These are a special type of roofing shingles which can reflect more Infrared radiation. Due to this, the building’s remain cool and the general temperature inside is a bit lower. The downside, however, is the actual cost of these solar reflective shingles is a bit more than regular shingles. Their cost range from INR 280 to 350 per square feet.
    3. Three-tab roofing shingles: These are the regular asphalt roofing shingles and they look flat. They are lighter than their counterpart, the laminate shingles by 50%. The downside is that they cannot handle powerful wind and may get damaged during storms. They are less costly and cost between INR 50 and 100 per square feet. They only have warranties between 20 and 30 years.
    4. Laminated or Architectural roofing shingles: They have a heavy base mat that is made up of a refined type of asphalt. They are therefore heavier and more durable when compared to their 3 tab variants. They can withstand bad weather especially powerful winds and other forces of nature. The laminated shingles have a warranty of almost 30 to 50 years and sometimes even backed with lifetime warranties. They are costlier than three-tab shingles and their cost range between INR 75 and 130 per square feet.

B. Tile roofing shingles:

These roofing tiles are made up of terracotta. They provide an ethnic and traditional look. They are comparatively less costly. They are also highly energy-efficient and can be used as a replacement for asphalt and other materials. They cost between INR 30 and 100 per square feet.

C. Metal Roofing Shingles:

They are another widely adapter type of roofing shingles. These are usually standing seam roofs, comprising of corrugated or flat metal panels. These flat panels often have straight ribs running down the sides. They are manufactured from Aluminium and steel and stainless steel-zinc alloys. They are costlier than tile shingles and they normally cost between INR 100 and 160 per square feet. KPG roofings introduced them to the Indian market on 2012 and they have been popular ever since then.

The roofing shingles are available in various designs, materials and cost and it is important that one understands his/her needs and requirements before going ahead and deciding the roofing solution he/she needs. The climate and weather, cost and personal preference play an important role in selecting a good roofing solution.

How to select the right shingles ?

Several factors will help you decide on which roofing shingles to use. We will be looking at them one by one. 

Many of these factors will play a crucial role but you must understand and select according to your requirements. Some of the above-mentioned factors are:

  1. Cost: The cost of installation and maintenance is one of the major factors. We have to consider our budget before we decide on which roofing shingles to use. We must estimate the total cost that will be required to install the entire roofing. There are various materials and designs available each with a different cost. It is worthwhile to go through all options before deciding on your final selection. We must also check for maintenance cost as well.

  2. Warranty: Just as you consider cost, warranty is also very important. You don’t want to end up with a temporary solution. Most roofing shingles though provide decade long warranty and some even provide lifetime warranty. The longer the warranty, the longer the time your roof stays in tip-top condition. It also takes away the burden of getting worried later on.

  3. Type: As mentioned before, you have many different types of roofing shingles. Each one has its advantage and disadvantage. You can find roofing shingles made from materials like wood, metal, asphalt, terracotta, and so on. We must look at the differences, quality, advantages, and disadvantages associated with each of the shingle materials while selecting a specific product. Each material may appeal to a different environment and is suitable for various house style and climate. We must consider all this before deciding on selecting the roofing tile/shingles.

  4. Colors: This is merely a cosmetic aspect. You can decide on the color according to your likes, to complete the color palette of your house ie suit your house or you can just pick a color that feels good for you. Another main problem you may face in this aspect is that of selecting your favorite color due to the presence of a huge number or a wide variety of colors available to you. Therefore it is quite important that you find out your color beforehand and also take expert advice while selecting the right color for your roof.

  5. Safety: Safety is an important aspect. Stable and fireproof roof shingles must be your priority. It should be one that is durable and should stand the test of time.

  6. Style: Similar to color, style is another cosmetic aspect which can completely change the look of your house. You can find varying designs and styles of shingles. They can be flat or rectangular and can give different looks on rooftops. You must select the type of roofing according to your house type. 

  7. Composition: Most roof shingles have similar composition but most companies provide roofing shingles with custom composition as per customer needs. So we need to be aware if we need any special composition for example you need roofing to be extra tough or Durant.

  8. Climate: Another important factor is the climate of your location. You don’t want to end up buying a roofing shingle that gets easily damaged by the climate wear and tear.

Therefore, one must be very specific to decide what type of roofing one must install at his/her home. We should take some time and decide what the best choice is for us and our homes alike.

Where to buy ?

Without any doubt, The best place to buy a roofing shingles in india is your nearest KPG roofings showroom. With over 28 showrooms across the country, KPG is the leading roofing stores chain in India. 

There, along with the signature roof tiles, you can also purchase roofing shingles of various international brands. 

The leading brands of asphalt roofing shingles like IKO, Certainteed, Malarkey etc are available at all showrooms. The reliability of the KPG roofings showrooms will definitely be a deal breaker for you.

You can know more about shingles roofings and purchase them by visiting any KPG showrooms or by calling us at +91-9562-888-666

Roof tiles and why to use them – An ultimate guide

As a human being, one of our most important necessities is shelter. A home is where our life begins and ultimately ends. It is where we spent most of our life. So, it is not surprising that we tend to take a lot of time on deciding on how our dream home should come out.

A house will never be a house without a good roofing. When it comes to roofing, there is a wide variety of choices available to us. One of the best choices available to us is using roofing tiles.

What is a roof tile ?

A roof tile is a type of tile made from natural products primarily to protect your roof. As a human, one of our basic need is shelter. Our shelter is where we live most of our life.

It is where our children grow up and we grow old. It is where we share our bread and love. It is our most priceless possession – Our home! Well, The roof is the crown of your home.

grey roof tile beautiful view

That is why it is important to study a little about the roof and apparently about the roof tiles before you begin life at your own house.

You can read more about the different types of roof tiles here

When were roof tiles invented?

The history of roof tiles traced back to the history of human settlements. The clay tiles have been said to be used in china from around 10,000 BC [1]. It was spread out to the middle east in a little while and then the trend was carried across to the world.

The old Roman civilizations and their remains show us that roof tiles were extensively used over ancient Rome and Greece. Clay tiles were an important part of the Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations.

England was infamous for its encouragement to use clay roof tiles inside the city. After the Great Fire of London, The city was remodeled and structures with fire retardent capacity were preferred by the King and the people alike.

This brought in a lot of interest on the clay tiles. Clay tiles were having a relatively long life and fire resistance than the normal hay roof and wooden roofs. This bought in a huge boost in the roofing tiles market in Europe.

You can read about the complete history of roof tiles here

The clay tile was popular in Indian constructions also, notably due to their capacity to resist heat and water. The Mangalore roof tiles were famous in India and even today the Marseille roof tiles are called as Mangalore roof tiles in India. 

By 2010, The globalization bought in the highly superior White burning clay tiles to the Indian market. This slowly captured the market due their superiority to traditional clay tiles in the water absorption, resistance to algae, colour life, weightlessness etc.

Roofing tiles have become a very famous and widely used technique nowadays for roofing. The use of these tiles can be seen even in our ancestral homes and the ultra-modern homes designed today.

Why roofing Tiles?

Roof tiles offers the ultimate protection to your roof, and your homes. Roof tiles help the roof to survive the harsh weather conditions, keep out the rain and protect the home.

The use of roofing tiles helps to keep our homes protected from all types of weather. In South India, we are often faced with the harsh sun during our Summer seasons.

This is reportedly peaking at an 11 UV Index which is quite high compared to the normal 5 UV Index and so, all of our homes face the risk of heating up during summer.

During Monsoons, we have rich amounts of rain with a nonstop downpour for days. All these climatic conditions take its toll on our roofs.

We must do our best in keeping our roofs in the best condition. This can be achieved with the help of using roofing tiles.

It helps in keeping your homes cool during the summer and less humid at monsoon. Made from clay, these roofing tiles are specially designed to withstand all that nature has to throw on your houses. Below are the major reasons why we roof tiles is important for your roof

1. Heat Resistance

This is one of the main properties of roof tiles. Since clay reduces heat retention, It take long time to heat and resist heat.

As a result, only a fraction of the original heat is passed through the roofing. This will eventually reduce the heat inside the home.

Secondly, the shape of the roofing tiles helps to minimize heat retention further helping us out. The ventilation created due to the use of tiles, the shape of the tiles, the material, the selected colours etc will support in avoiding heat.

2. Reliability

Roof tiles stay around for a long time. They are not damaged easily by severe weather conditions like rain or heat. Roof tiles do not corrode or rust even when exposed to the harshest climates.

This makes it perfect for a place like the south india, where we have a wide variety of climate and geographies. From the cold and windy mountains to the salty seashores, roofing tiles work equally and excellently well.

Roofing tiles are also confronted with strict quality and durability tests to ensure that your roof gets the best protection. Hence they are strong and sturdy. Another factor is that roofing tiles become stronger as they age. clay tiles are stronger when compared to concrete and stand the test of time.

3. Noise cancellation  

Roofing tiles are good for soundproofing. It prevents and reduces sound from entering your homes or offices making sure that you can enjoy your peaceful time without any disturbances from outside.

It can reduce noise by almost 30 decibels which is double the amount of noise reduction provided by various other roofing materials.

This helps prevent sounds from entering your house if you live in a busy neighborhood. You won’t have the disturbance to your sleep on rainy days and finally, rest home without the disturbance at times of rainfall.

4. Fire Resistant

Roofing tiles are fire and heat resistant. They can be safely used in areas that are prone to fires as they provide better insulation. Historically, The roof tiles were promoted in England after Great fire of London on special order of the King. 

5. Energy Efficiency

It has a lower amount of embodied energy compared to other materials. As mentioned before, it reduces heat retention and thus keeps our houses cool.

Due to this, our cooling requirements too may be drastically reduced. With good roofing solutions, they even become stable in cyclones and can stand well even during great wind speeds.  

Let us look at how roof tiles comes in handy during the changing seasons.

How do roof tiles works? How does it protect your homes from summer heat

Summers are often too hot and humid for us to withstand and very often we find our homes heating up like frying pans.

The use of roofing tiles though can reduce this quite a lot. We have already looked ay how roof tiles resist heat.

Firstly, the fact that clay is an excellent heat-resisting material. Clay will Remove heat and keeps what is inside cool.

You can see this trick used in a lot of the hotter states of India and even in hotter parts around the world. Clay pots are often used to store up water which often remains cold even if exposed to harsh sunlight.

This same principle works on our roofs too.

Using roofing tiles can significantly reduce the amount of heat that gets collected by our roof and hence cool our home interior.

Due to the traditional shapes of the roof tiles, all roof tiles have the profile so as to let the airflow below them.

This enables the uninterrupted flow of air through the bottom of the roof tiles, eventually acting as a ventilation technique and cooling the tiles.

This ventilation technique will really help to reduce the heat, as the hottest air is trapped at the topmost layer of the atmosphere.

The hot air in the topmost layer will be taken out by the airflow and less hot air from the bottom layers reach this void, in turn creating the void in the bottom layers for the cold air to flow in.

Roofing tiles during monsoons: 

Roofing tiles have been used for many centuries In Kerala. The rainwater easily flows over the slopes of roof tiles compared to flat roofs.

The tiles also prevent water from collecting unnecessarily on the roof and along with rainwater gutters helps water reach the ground faster hence replenishing groundwater. 

The concrete roof are notoriously famous for leakage and cracks once it is exposed to water. This can be prevented at a very huge extend by the use of roof tiles.

Roof tiles avoid the concrete getting wet and avoid the chances for leakage or cracks and improve the life of your construction. Another huge advantage we can see is the fact it is less prone to fungi and algae being spread and thus affecting the looks of our house and going forward, the strength of our house.

Roof tile designs

Here are some of the roof tile designs from south india. All these are using KPG roof tiles

What is the average price of roof tiles in India ?

The pricing of roof tiles vary according to the materials and brands. Please see the below price list to get an idea

ITEMAvg Price
Traditional Clay Roof tiles₹37
Red Clay Roof tile₹90 – ₹120
Concrete roof tiles₹45- ₹60
Chinese ceramic roof tiles₹36
White clay roof tiles₹50 – ₹60
Read :

You can refer to our article on roof tile pricing to know more about the price and quality of different tiles in india

How roof tiles are made?

The white clay roof tiles are made from the white clay available in china with the help of a production line that is well maintained and structured. The roofing tiles are completely machine manufactured with the least amount of human interaction. But don’t worry every part of the production line is maintained and quality checked out by well-trained professionals who make sure that none of the roofing products is below your expectations.

Moulding the clay:

The clay used for the roofing tiles is brought from the best sources to make sure it has the right texture and will stand the test of time. All this clay are laced into moulds and moulded into the tiles using a moulding press of 100 tons. Each tile gets its uniform shape and proportions. Now, the tiles move forward on a conveyor belt along the factory. The moulds are arranged side by side as they move along the conveyors to their next destination.

Colouring for perfection:

            The tiles are batched and ready to be coloured. The colouring phase is split into two phases to make sure you get an even coating of the colour and the best output. In the initial phase, A colour coating provided on the tiles. It is thoroughly made sure that the colours are evenly spread and look lifelike. After the initial phase of colour coating, the tiles are ready for the final glass coating which gives it the shine that only a diamond could challenge. After the tiles get coloured, they continue their journey on the conveyor belt and they head on to the kiln.

Heating in the Kiln:

As the tiles move ahead, the parser intervenes to sort out the tiles. After this, they move along the conveyor belt ready to be baked in the burning hot kiln. Heating the clay makes it sturdy and elongates its lifetime. As the tiles reach the kiln, they are heated at 1200oC. After making sure that every tile is fit for the roof, they move along the long kiln, where they are kept on lower heat slowly giving it time to set so that it doesn’t break or get cracks in them. They move along the conveyor belts as they slowly cool down and get ready to be packaged. 

Packing and Shipping

The workers pack every tile with utmost care so that they reach your homes in one piece. Every single tile are well fit and packed so that shipping and movement or any vibrations associated with shipping doesn’t damage the ties you receive. Now, These tiles are up for sale at our showrooms around India so that you can buy them very easily.

 All this manufacturing process is done by machines without any direct intervention by humans. Don’t worry though every process is cross-checked by dozens of factory workers with their keen eyes to make sure that you get the very best.

Where to buy Roof tiles ?

Another huge advantage we have is the availability of these tiles and the price.

KPG Roof tiles are available in different price ranges where anyone from a middle class to even a rich person can find a comfortable selection as per choice.

They are also available for bulk order in varying colors to make sure that your home doesn’t lose its cosmetic efficiency and works seamlessly with your color coordination.

The minimum expected life of these branded roof tiles are 35 years so that you don’t need to worry about roofing in the immediate future.

We have several branches in South India from where you can get top-grade roofing tiles at a reasonable cost. They are manufactured in a careful and smartly designed dedicated production line where each roof tile passes through the molding phase, followed by a 3 stage coloring phase.

Each tile is quality checked by our employees and you only get what we believe keeps up your expectations from you. It is made sure that none of the tiles you receive are damaged and have the same quality as any other of the bunch.

What more is that you can get all your requirements right here at our showrooms without having to individually purchase other materials from elsewhere. This helps you by reducing the amount of time you waste as well as providing better offers than anywhere else.

KPG also provides quotations. You can even have our personnel come over and get you a cost estimation well before we start our work. You can avail all this and more with KPG Roofings. It is this trust in us that shelter your homes for a lifetime. Contact us at +91-9562-888-666 to reach our customer care or visit our nearest branch



What is the importance of Rainwater Gutters?

Of all the seasons, monsoon is the one that brings a loss of destruction and loss. Rains though very important are also a major player in the damage done to our homes.

In Kerala and more generally South India, we receive plentiful rain in the monsoon seasons starting from June. Too much rain can cause a lot of harm to our homes. This is why we should understand the importance and use of rainwater gutters. 

What is the damage caused by rain water ?

Rains in South India are often more similar to downpours than small showers. We receive approximately 3107 mm of rainfall annually, which is quite large compared to many other regions on earth.

Rainwater though life-giving and pure, also have a devastating toll on our houses and other buildings. Bad roofing can cause leakages and even lead to structural disintegrity.

Continuous downpours can lead to waterlogging on the roofs of homes, leading to even worse matters like water leakages inside our homes. Also, normal roofings often allow rainwater to flow along the walls and hence damage the walls and the paint job of your house.

It can also lead to soil erosion. Continuously falling water can also damage any tiles and interlocks used.  The rainwater collected on roofs can also cause algae to form on roofs. It can also help mosquitos lay eggs and spread thus creating health problems.

What is a rainwater gutter?

A rainwater gutter uses PVC pipes to create a way for water to flow. The water flows into them from your terrace or roofing tiles and flows through these pipes. Now they reach the potential downspout where they flow harmlessly away. These rainwater gutters are made up of lightweight but sturdy PVC pipes that can last a long time and help prevent damage to your homes.

How does rainwater gutter help?

The rainwater gutter often helps houses by steadily letting the water slowly down the pipes instead of getting collected on rooftops. It helps to avoid damage to your roofs to a great extend causing rot, disintegration, and molding of shingles, fascia, soffit, and masonry.

It prevents moisture from getting through windows, condensing and damaging sills and interior walls.

These systems, installed along the edges of roofs create passages for rainwater to flow along naturally from your rooftops, directing them down into your downspouts.

These are the vertical sections that take the water from your roofs and brings it to the ground level. Strong rains can create fast-falling water from rooftops which can sometimes even damage the foundation of your house over time.

What is the Price of Rain gutter?

The average price for Rain water gutters is around 185 – 200 /meter. This cost is for the rain gutter pipe only. There will be additional accessories like center drop, end caps, downspout, inner corner, outer corner, clamps etc.

What should I know before Installing?

Rainwater gutters are quite easy to install and easily go along with the different types of roofing solutions used in South India.

They are quite easy to install with bare minimum modifications to the existing infrastructure. The pipes used are made of the highest quality materials so they last long and look premium.

There are a few issues though with rainwater gutters. If you live in a place with lots of trees, there is a chance that the gutters may get filled up eventually by leaves and get blocked.

This may be a problem but one which has an easy solution. You just have to clean and verify your gutter twice or thrice a year.

If you do this you will be fine. Sometimes, gutters can be noisy if the gutters are blocked. So it is quite necessary that you clean your gutters often. 

What is the price of rainwater gutter in India?

The average price of UPVC rain water gutters in kerala is Rs. 190 per meter. The KPG roofing offers different types of rain gutters and this is an average price only. Rainwater gutters are very popular in india, especially in southern states like kerala and karnataka where the rainfall is higher.

When and where to buy Rain gutters?

Rainwater gutters are best bought and installed before the rains arrive and it’s not too late. It can help keep your home safe and last long without any damage from rainwater.

One of the best options available for rainwater gutters in South India is KPG Rainwater gutters. We promise safety and style at a nominal price. If you have a higher budget, you may go to other premium brands like AEGIS.

Our rain gutters are made out of UPVC virgin material. We emphasize on high performance in durability and sustainability in safety factors.

It is lightweight, economical, and designed to ensure good flow with the best curb appeal. KPG gutters can help water from your rooftops flow easily down to the ground thus preventing clogging, mosquito swarms, moss, and algae from building up on your roofs and above all protect your roof from damage and loss of beauty.

Our rooftop rainwater gutter solutions are top-notch and provide you with the promise of safety, quality, and security.

This can be integrated to rain water harvesting tanks, which will ensure all the rain water that falls on your roof will be taken to these harvesting tanks without any loss.

This will also ensure the safety of the building, the under lying soil and also helps to fight against the water scarcity. 

You can contact us at +91-9562-888-666 for any enquiries about rainwater gutters or general about roofings.


For a house or any building, in fact, the roof is as important as its foundation. Due to this, selecting your roofing solution is really a time consuming and confusing decision. There are various alternatives available to choose from and one of the best among them is roofing tiles.

Roofing tiles are often made out of clay and placed in a slanting fashion on your roofs. It helps to reduce heat during summers and prevents water clogging during monsoons.

This reason combined with the wide varieties and designs has made roofing tiles the go-to solution for any customer. We should take a look at why Roofing tiles have become a huge phenomenon it is now. From the first picture you drew as a child, roofs have always been about roofing tiles.


Ancient roots of the roof tiles

Clay has been widely used throughout human history for various purposes starting from pottery to roofing tiles. The use of clay roofing tiles has been seen dated as far back as 10,000 BC in many parts of China.

From that period onwards, clay roofing tiles became the synonym for roofing all around Asia. It also had a fair deal of usage in Middle Eastern countries and in settlements in Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Not widely used but still never forgotten.

Clay roof tiles have adorned the roofs of many famous Greek temples, Buddhist monasteries, and Hindu temples. It is a sure find in almost all of the famous archeological sites and historical buildings.

The Roman influence mainly helped the use of roofing tiles boom around Europe. The innovative Roman’s used the ‘Over and under’ clay tile structure while creating roofings for their dwellings.


Evolution and use in modern times in India:

  Clay roof tiles went away as the Roman Empire fell back from many parts of Britain. This would only reappear way later in the history of Britain.

A number of countries and cultures adopted the roofing tile as a solution. Indian roofs especially those of South India soon adorned these tiles.

This was just right for the weather conditions in South India. Roofing tiles can still be seen in old houses, ancestral homes that are several centuries old, and have seen multiple generations.

They have also been prominently used in building many temples and Architecture especially in Kerala, Karnataka, and parts of Tamil Nadu.

You can just go visit these ancient relics and still see the integrity and strength displayed by the roofing tiles there. Some are only partially damaged and many remain unscathed, standing the test of time.

The main reason it was used primarily in South India is the fact that it is the best solution for the weather and it is easy to install and look after with a large lifespan. The use of these roof tiles was almost like a mandatory tradition until some part of 1980s where concrete roofing became a trend with many people tempted to move on to it.

This was soon understood as a bad idea compared with roofing tiles and roofing tiles have again started becoming the go-to solution for roofing in places like Kerala and Karnataka due to the advantages it poses compared to concrete roofing.


The future of roof tiles:

roof tile deep grey colour

 The use of roofing tiles have been so prominent in the past that it is quite impossible to think about a future without them.

With people understanding the importance of roof tiles and a wider variety of products with much better quality and color options available in the market, roofing tiles are sure to retain its position as the best roofing solution for a long time ahead.

The modern designers and architects have a tendency to fuse in modern architecture with the traditional elements. The roof tiles are one of those note-worthy traditional elements that appears with a modern face. 

The distinct colours and profiles of new age roof tiles gives in a royal charm to the houses. With the invention of new technology like photovoltaic cells and solar cells, innovative products like solar roof tiles may soon be launched in to the market.

Roof tiles, already a green and eco-friendly product, may get more exposure and usage if the products like solar roof tiles are successful. These may contribute a lot to the energy crisis and will be surely preferred across the households in the world.

Our view:

We often find that the choices, thoughts, and lifestyles of our ancestors are quite inspiring for us millennials. Roofing tiles are one such beautifully and meticulously crafted piece of clay that is sure to keep your homes safe, beautiful, and strong.

This idea of our ancestors combined with the raw quality and strength provided by manufacturers surely has made the roofing tile the best solution there is.

This is why we recommend you to try out the best quality roofing tiles available in the market at a very reasonable price.

KPG is your best choice for all things roofing. With some of the best products and services in the segment, we are the market leaders ready to shelter homes and keep you safe during these hard times.

Buy roof tiles in Malappuram – Affordable Ceramic roof tiles showrooms in malappuram

There are a lot of roof tile dealers in different districts in kerala, but yet malappuram is still one of the hottest market for roof tiles. Being the biggest district in kerala, Malappuram has one of the most number of constructions going on. The high literacy rate and financial stability assists the customers search throughly and to hand pick the best quality products. Most of the new trends and designs first plays in Malappuram.

When buying the roof tiles the important factor to consider is that you have to make sure that you buy from any certified showroom. Don’t get fooled by buying from agents or labours, who would simply show you the first quality items and deliver you the lowest grade ceramic tiles.

Any vendor who don’t have a reputation to maintain will simply try to take advantage of your ignorance in this field. Once laid, It is hard to distinguish the first quality tiles and low grade tiles on the rooftop from the ground level. The dealers who focus primarily on the agents and the workers will be only having low grade ceramic roof tiles.

So before purchasing, make sure to check the colour coating and clay quality of the tiles. You don’t need to be highly trained for this purpose. The basic difference like the clay quality, finishing and colour coating is visible with naked eyes. Keep an eye on the vendor. It is always advised to directly buy from the official showrooms.

Leading suppliers like KPG ROOFINGS have showrooms in almost all the major cities and business points in kerala. so it is not hard to find the showrooms inside the malappuram district. KPG Roofings have showrooms where you can buy roof tiles in the following places in malappuram.


Buy from official roofing tile Showrooms

Here we are curating the list of 7 showrooms where you can get quality roof tiles for your home in malappuram district.

Now let us look at each of these showrooms. You can get more information about the tiles or location of the showroom by calling us at +91-9562-888-666.


    This is one of the oldest and first showroom of KPG Roofings. Initially located at pallikkal bazar, near calicut Airport and had been recently shifted to kakkanchery. But due to some issues in the last kerala floods, the godown is temporarily re-located to the old location in palllikkal bazar. This is one of the biggest showrooms of KPG and always have around 100,000+ pieces in the inventory. This roof tiles showroom is ideal for people from kondotty, vallikkunnu, chelari, ramanattukara, feroke, kadalundi, pulikkal, calicut university, kolappuram, devathiyal etc for buying their interested colours of roof tiles.



    Yet another old showrooms of KPG ROOFINGS, KPG ROOFINGS VALANCHERY is located in kanhippura. The showroom is located on both sides of the highways and always have a stock of about 100,000+ pieces. This showroom controls the roof tiles markets in valanchery, kuttippuram, vettichira, kadambuzha, kumbidi, thennala, edappal, thrithala etc.


    This is a new showroom located in chemmad kodinhi. They have the capacity to stock about 40,000+ pieces and can arrange all the required service and roofing for you. This showroom primarily targets the area of kodinhi, chemmad, tirur, tanur, venniyur, parappanangadi etc.


    This showroom is located at Irumbuzhi, between Malappuram town and manjeri, Making it easily accesible for customers from both the towns. This showroom has the capablity to store 60,000+ roof tiles and have a wide varitey of steel doors also in stock. This showroom service to the areas Malappuram, Manjeri, valluvamburam, mongam, othukkungal, panthaloor etc


    This showroom is located in perinthalmenna pattambi road and has the stocking capacity of 60000+ tiles. All the colours and models are available here and the service are extended to mankada, perinthalmenna, pattambi, shornur, pulamanthol, cherpulasherry, koppam etc.


    This showroom is located in edavannappara and has the default stock of 50,000+ pcs everytime. This showroom extends the service to edavannappara, kondotty, vettuppara, omanoor, areacode, vazhakkad, cheekode, kodiyathur, kizhisheri etc.


    This showroom is located near the famous Teak museam of Nilambur. This showroom has a stocking capacity of 70,000+ pieces and have the display of some of the most beautiful steel doors in stock. This showroom can provide service to you if you want to buy roof tiles from nilambur, edavanna, edakkara, wandoor, chunkathara, karulayi etc.

How to select the Best roof tile colour for your home ?

As you may know, the roof is the crown of every house. It is where the eyes will go first and a good looking roof is always a deal breaker. It is studied that when someone views your house for the first time, 40% of the view of your house constitutes of your roof. That means an amazing design or attractive colour choice can completely change the looks of your house, and so does a poor one. Unlike olden times, nowadays we have a lot of designs and plenty of colour choices in the roof tiles section, to address to this issue.

roofing tile colour choices

roofing tile colour selection

One of the major advantages of the branded roofing tiles are the wide colour choices available on the market. All of them are popular in our country and you can see different shades of them in every rooftop. But having plenty also comes with its disadvantages. sometimes it is very confusing and puzzling on which colour to chose for the roof, from the wide variety of designs available on the stores.

When selecting the right colour for your home, you need to choose based on the following 5 factors. They are ;

  1. The colour shceme of your house
  2. Architecture style and design of the home
  3. Heat absorption rate of the colour and the energy efficiency
  4. Use colour selectors, visualizers or 3-D design by your architect/designer to compare with the house in your dreams
  5. The environment or neighbourhood of the house

We often encounters home makers who get stunned at the amazing colour choices and doubts if they choose the right colour roof tile for their home or not. So in this guide, we will take you through the list of items to consider when selecting the roofing colour for your dream homes.

  1. Colour Scheme

    The first factor to consider when selecting a roofing tile colour is the colour scheme of your entire house. The colour scheme includes everything from the paint to the claddings on the wall and the landscape you have in mind for your home. The roof tile colour should also stand in accordance with the colour theme. Some colours like white will go on with all the colours, but if you have custom colours for your walls, piller or sidings – you should consider that. We have made a small list of colours and their matching roof tile colours for your assistance. The table given below will show you house colour and their best matching roof colours.

    House Siding Color Best Matching Roof Colors
    Red Steel Grey(black), dark gray, Red Coffee, Teracotta, Red & Black, Antique Red
    White All colours, Red / Dark shades will match more
    Gray Steel Grey(black), dark gray, Galaxy, Blue grey Jasper, Pista green, white
    Beige/Tan Coffee, Steel Grey(black), dark green, Blue grey classic, Antique Red
    Coffee Pista green, Steel Grey(black), blue grey, Antique Red
    Blue Steel Grey(black), Coffee, Dark gray

    beautiful roof tile colour

  2. Architecture Style

    The architecture style of your home is too good a factor to consider when choosing your roofing colour for your dream home. This include everything from the theme of the house to the specific design and message it wants to confirm. An antique style house or traditional looking single floor house may carry the shades of terracotta, Antique red or coffee. A modern box-model house with very little area of roofing may go with brighter shades or special colours like Jasper Galaxy model. So The architecture definitely have a say in your colour selection.

  3. Heat absorption

    This is also an important factor to consider when selecting the roof tiles. It is basic science that dark colours like black absorbs more heat and light colours will reflects heat. So when you compromise the colour for the looks, also bear in mind that it can affect the temperature inside your house too. Even though the black and white combination is one of the classic colour schemes, we would recommend you to go through alternate shades like coffee, deep grey, galaxy etc, unless your home have an efficiently engineered ventilation and cooling system.

  4. Use Colour selector Tools

    You can use the Decision making aids like Roof tile colour selector tools provided by the reputed brands to visualize how each colours will look on your roof. You can find the KPG ROOFINGS colour selector tool in the link provided – Additionally you can ask your architect or designer to do a custom design for you with the selected colours on your own house, so you can easily make the decision aid.

  5. Neighbourhood / Environment

    It is also a fact to keep in mind. Your colour scheme should stand in accordance with your neighbourhood also. A holiday home in the woods will looks better with teracotta or pista green shades, while a futuristic home in the town or highways would look better with special colours like antique red, galaxy or some jasper series colours. Be it in beach side, village, mountains, colonies or wherever your home is, You should consider that also as a factor when picking a colour for your roof tile.

So, consider all these factors before selecting your next roofings. We have the largest colour choice available in india and have the network to deliver you the product. You can see our gallery to view some of our projects or directly head to the colour selector.

Roof Tile Photos – Houses with roof tile designs

This is the second part of the photo series of houses with roof tiles layed on the top. You can see the first part here

All these are works done in kerala and india. These colours are available for delivery at your doorsteps any time.

2 floor home with roof tile curved roof with roof tile bending ceramic roof tile kajaria cofee Duraford roof tile double floor lamit roof house kerala luxury roof tile house kajaria roof on mid range house lamit indian roof tile blue grey jasper roof tile kerala asianroof red stone shingles roof tile asianroof amazing roof tiles johnson roof home roof tile kajaria roof tiles for car shed premium design colour kajaria roof tile outdoor sitting park roof tile calicut church roof tile asianroof church roof tile teracotta normal roof tile sa roofing tile colour meroon colour roof tile special design roof tile  roof tile looking like shingles galaxy granite stone roof tile grey roof tile beautiful view red clay 3000 sq feet roof tile teracotta orange red temple roof tile coffee colour roof tile beautiful roof tile colour contemproray modern roof tile work roof tile deep grey colour orange clay colour roof tile coffee roof tile double shade roofings grey colour blue grey roof tile kpg deep grey kerala roof tile

Different Type of Roof tiles In Indian Market

There are different type of roofing materials available in the indian market. In this post we are introducing some of the most popular roofing materials, their compositions and advantages and disadvantages of these materials. The popular roofing materials being traditional red clay tiles/teracotta tiles, ceramic tiles, cement / concrete tiles, shingles etc.

Traditional clay tile (Teracotta Tiles)

Red clay Tiles are natural and have been the most prominent roofing material since olden times. These tiles are made by burning moulded red clay at a high temperature in the furnace. The toughness and heat resistance makes clay tiles more favoured over shingles, material sheets and so forth. It also gives an antique look and style to the house.

But it has more disadvantages than any other materials. The important one being the failure of the red clay tiles to withstand the seasons. In places where the temperature changes or seasonal changes are frequent, the traditional tiles fails miserably. The tiles gets black shades and will lose its colour to dust, algea and other infections very easily.

Normally, the bright ruddy shade of the red clay blurs within 2-5 years because of the climate conditions. The thickness of red clay is more than the white clay, so more amount of red clay is expected to make the tiles of same strength. Because of this, red clay are ordinarily heavier than white clay and needs more stronger framework to support it. The water absorption of clay tiles are likewise high, since the base material is standard clay itself.

  • Heat resistant
  • Long life span than concrete tiles / roofing sheets
  • Composite of natural red clay
  • Effective covering area is about 0.75 sq. feet per tile
  • Less efficient in varying seasons
  • Vulnerable to algae, fungi and other infections
  • Absorbs more water and take more damage
  • More thicker and heavier
  • needs stronger frame work to hold
  • Colour life approximately about 2-3 years
  • Will need to clean or repair every 2-5 years

Some popular clay tile companies in india are commonwealth tiles and mangalore roof tiles.

Concrete Tiles / Cement tiles

concrete roof tile

The amazing colour ranges of concrete tiles made it common for quite some times. They comes in different colours and profiles and was easily available as the manufacturing is easy. But they lost there market share and lost their reliability due to issues like their heavy weight, need for much heavy truss works, Water leakage and fading colours.

Be that as it may, they are as yet being sold in the market by a few traders and the colour selections pull in clients to these tiles. This tiles likewise includes more warmth inside the house, defeating the core principles rooftop tiles, since it is made of cement.

This will have similar properties of concrete and as exposed to rain and heat, the tile begins to deform. The colour will fade and since it absorb water and moisture, the algea and fungus are common story for them. The bad reputation and low reliability of this tiles has now forced them out of the market and the colour selection is the only attractive factor for this tiles.

These costs around Rs. 50 – 60 in india per piece.


roofing shingles photo

These are getting popular nowadays due to their attractive textures and easiness in installing on curved surfaces. They have a base material and ceramic stones/powder is coated in it. They have stylish textures and designs. These can be bent up to 180 degrees and looks good on curved surface. They give attractive and premium looks to the rooftop. The drawbacks are the heat issues and the fading looks. As asphalt is the base materials and the practice of sticking directly prevents the airflow, the hot air is trapped under the roof and it has to penetrate the concrete wall, asphalt gum and the shingles to go out. This increase the room temperature unless strong ventilation is provided. The shingles normally have premium powder coating / stone coating made by ceramic granules. But due to the climatic conditions in India, especially in the coastal states, they are prone to algae and fungus. The material itself is algae resistant, but the rough surface makes it easy for dust particles and other materials to settle down on the shingles surface, which in turn gets affected by algae or fungus. So, these material will look pale and old ( which can be cleaned by washing with a water gun ) in your rooftop. But these can stay premium for quite some time and can stay attractive as long as you maintain it by cleaning. Since these are a premium product, the customers using this tends to have periodic renovations or maintenance.

These costs around Rs. 100-150 based on their quality and colours.

White Clay Roof Tiles

These are becoming more and more popular everyday. The main advantages of white clay roof tiles are that they are baked at extremely high temperature (about 1200 degrees) and pressure (100 ton). They also add minute ceramic particles to increase the strength. They comes in several quality and the first quality brands like KPG ROOFINGS, have triple layer of colour coating. This ensures maximum colour permeability and gives 30 years colour guarantee for the products. They are weather resistant and repels water. This makes them safe from algae and fungus infection. The glass coating ensures that the colour gets maximum life.

  • Durability and have longer life than clay roof tiles
  • Prevents heat
  • Effective covering area of 1 sq. feet per tile
  • KPG tiles are water-proof, fire-proof, rust-proof and weather-proof, making it one of the most durable construction materials.
  • They can withstand any weather and their color does not fade away. KPG roof tiles even offer a 30 year warranty on the color. KPG roof tiles won’t rust, fade, warp, disfigure or corrode.
  • Prevents algae and fungus
  • The base material used to manufacture KPG tiles are natural white clay.
  • Due to KPG tiles being extremely durable, maintenance costs ranges from zero to Zero.
  • KPG Branded tiles are lighter (2.2 kg) than traditional clay tiles (2.8 kg) and have much more density. This ensure the KPG roof tiles are more stronger and durable than clay roof tiles.
  • Load bearing capacity of 250 kgs
  • Visually Stunning and premium looks.
  • Available in 15+ colours.

The amazing looks also adds to the advantages of these rooftiles. There are many other brands also selling medium quality roof tiles . These type of branded tiles are highly preferred in indian market at the current scenario. Make up your mind and purchase from the experts when you are making the ultimate choice.