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This post discuss about roofing shingles, advantages / disadvantages of roofing shingles, Costs and roofing shingles price list in india, and how to select the right roofing shigles for your homes !

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of a home. Even though there are a lot of roofing options available in India, The most unique and trending items in the market is roofing shingles. 

 Being the poster-boy of roofing in European/American countries, shingles do have a huge fan base in the Indian market.

Today we are going to dive into details of roofing shingles – whether it is useful in the indian scenario, Its advantages and disadvantages, different types of shingles and their pricing and the methods to select the right shingles for your home

Shingles may be made of various materials with each having their advantage and disadvantage. Some of the widely used materials include wood, metal, asphalt, plastic, organic materials et cetera.

Therefore, we must be completely aware of its advantages and disadvantages before we think about installing them at our home/office. 

Advantages of Shingle roofing:

  1. Shingles are one of the most commonly used roofing for residential homes. 
  2. They are affordable. Shingles are easy to acquire and have a lower cost compared to many other types of roofing. They are available in various price brackets and are therefore popular among all types of customers.
  3. They are usually used for steep-sloped structures which are usually the most commonly seen in India where rain is a major player.
  4. They are very easy to install. We can easily cut, fasten, and fit. Therefore they take less time and therefore less installation cost compared to other roofing solutions.
  5. These asphalt shingles does not require other accessories for roof edges, wall terminations, chimneys or vent flashings.
  6. Shingles are environment friendly. Shingles are often made of environmentally friendly materials and those that do not harm the environment. Moreover, unlike other roofing, shingles can be considered as a roofing that is environmentally compatible due to its vast accessibility and use. 
  7. Shingles often look traditional and grandeur when compared with flat concrete roofs.
  8. They often have a lifetime warranty.
  9. The maintenance required is quite low. They are strong, durable, and long-lasting.
  10. They are so durable that a person can walk over it without damaging them.
  11. Asphalt roof shingles are lightweight and they often go hand in hand with all other roof types.
  12. Maintenance if required is quite easy. It can even be done by a layman.
  13. They are available In several colors and designs. We can easily select the roofing to match our color palette.
  14. Most brands provide you with class A fire protection.
  15. They are way less costly and come in various price ranges and multiple materials.
  16. Another main advantage is that it can help rainwater to easily fall to the ground due to steep slopes and prevent it from clogging on your rooftops and gradually leaking in.
  17. Shingles also reduce the amount of heat that your house retains and the use of shingles often leads to reduce room temperatures.

Disadvantages of Shingle roofing:

  1. One of the biggest enemies of a roofing shingle is the wind. Strong, high-speed winds can uplift, damage or tear shingles off. 
  2. Some types of Asphalt shingles absorb heat into homes and sometimes this leads to damage to shingles.
  3. The longevity of shingles often depends on material and quality. If not chosen well, shingles may sometimes even last only long as 20 to 30 years.
  4. Another problem that shingles may face is due to dew droplet and dew formation at shady areas of your roof, gradually damaging the shingles.
  5. One of the associated problems of moisture is the growth of moss on the shingles. This too is susceptible if left untouched for a long time. This is a major issue for shingles in the indian market

Now, we have seen the advantages and disadvantages that roofing shingles possess. One must be careful in selecting the roofing solution and must look for the best material to use for their home before buying roofing shingles. 


In India, you can find various types of roofing shingles made using different material and in various price ranges with varying quality. Therefore it is very important to understand and select roofing shingles according to ones needs and taste. The three main types are Asphalt, Tiles and Metallic shingles.

Types of Shingles:

A. Asphalt Shingles:

These types of shingles are quite commonly used. They’re used more often due to its availability and affordability.  They are made of various materials and used at all kinds of homes and buildings as they go along with any look. They generally cost between INR 80 and 150 per square feet.

Of the various types of Asphalt roofing materials, some of the most widely used ones are:

  1. Fibreglass roofing shingles and Organic roofing shingles: Both these are quite similar because they have Asphalt exteriors. The only noticeable difference being that in the use of the item for their base. A fibreglass variant as the name suggests has a fibreglass material for its base while an organic one usually has wood-based material like paper et cetera for its base. Fibreglass shingles work better in heat and due to it having less asphalt, is more eco-friendly. On the other side, it provides less resistance to cold when compared with organic shingles. The organic shingles also last longer.
  2. Solar reflective shingles: These are a special type of roofing shingles which can reflect more Infrared radiation. Due to this, the building’s remain cool and the general temperature inside is a bit lower. The downside, however, is the actual cost of these solar reflective shingles is a bit more than regular shingles. Their cost range from INR 280 to 350 per square feet.
  3. Three-tab roofing shingles: These are the regular asphalt roofing shingles and they look flat. They are lighter than their counterpart, the laminate shingles by 50%. The downside is that they cannot handle powerful wind and may get damaged during storms. They are less costly and cost between INR 50 and 100 per square feet. They only have warranties between 20 and 30 years.
  4. Laminated or Architectural roofing shingles: They have a heavy base mat that is made up of a refined type of asphalt. They are therefore heavier and more durable when compared to their 3 tab variants. They can withstand bad weather especially powerful winds and other forces of nature. The laminated shingles have a warranty of almost 30 to 50 years and sometimes even backed with lifetime warranties. They are costlier than three-tab shingles and their cost range between INR 75 and 130 per square feet.

B. Tile roofing shingles:

These roofing tiles are made up of terracotta. They provide an ethnic and traditional look. They are comparatively less costly. They are also highly energy-efficient and can be used as a replacement for asphalt and other materials. They cost between INR 30 and 100 per square feet.

C. Metal Roofing Shingles:

They are another widely adapter type of roofing shingles. These are usually standing seam roofs, comprising of corrugated or flat metal panels. These flat panels often have straight ribs running down the sides. They are manufactured from Aluminium and steel and stainless steel-zinc alloys. They are costlier than tile shingles and they normally cost between INR 100 and 160 per square feet. KPG roofings introduced them to the Indian market on 2012 and they have been popular ever since then.

The roofing shingles are available in various designs, materials and cost and it is important that one understands his/her needs and requirements before going ahead and deciding the roofing solution he/she needs. The climate and weather, cost and personal preference play an important role in selecting a good roofing solution.

How to select the right shingles ?

Several factors will help you decide on which roofing shingles to use. We will be looking at them one by one. 

Many of these factors will play a crucial role but you must understand and select according to your requirements. Some of the above-mentioned factors are:

  1. Cost: The cost of installation and maintenance is one of the major factors. We have to consider our budget before we decide on which roofing shingles to use. We must estimate the total cost that will be required to install the entire roofing. There are various materials and designs available each with a different cost. It is worthwhile to go through all options before deciding on your final selection. We must also check for maintenance cost as well.

  2. Warranty: Just as you consider cost, warranty is also very important. You don’t want to end up with a temporary solution. Most roofing shingles though provide decade long warranty and some even provide lifetime warranty. The longer the warranty, the longer the time your roof stays in tip-top condition. It also takes away the burden of getting worried later on.

  3. Type: As mentioned before, you have many different types of roofing shingles. Each one has its advantage and disadvantage. You can find roofing shingles made from materials like wood, metal, asphalt, terracotta, and so on. We must look at the differences, quality, advantages, and disadvantages associated with each of the shingle materials while selecting a specific product. Each material may appeal to a different environment and is suitable for various house style and climate. We must consider all this before deciding on selecting the roofing tile/shingles.

  4. Colors: This is merely a cosmetic aspect. You can decide on the color according to your likes, to complete the color palette of your house ie suit your house or you can just pick a color that feels good for you. Another main problem you may face in this aspect is that of selecting your favorite color due to the presence of a huge number or a wide variety of colors available to you. Therefore it is quite important that you find out your color beforehand and also take expert advice while selecting the right color for your roof.
  5. Safety: Safety is an important aspect. Stable and fireproof roof shingles must be your priority. It should be one that is durable and should stand the test of time.

  6. Style: Similar to color, style is another cosmetic aspect which can completely change the look of your house. You can find varying designs and styles of shingles. They can be flat or rectangular and can give different looks on rooftops. You must select the type of roofing according to your house type. 
  7. Composition: Most roof shingles have similar composition but most companies provide roofing shingles with custom composition as per customer needs. So we need to be aware if we need any special composition for example you need roofing to be extra tough or Durant.

  8. Climate: Another important factor is the climate of your location. You don’t want to end up buying a roofing shingle that gets easily damaged by the climate wear and tear.

Therefore, one must be very specific to decide what type of roofing one must install at his/her home. We should take some time and decide what the best choice is for us and our homes alike.

Where to buy ?

Without any doubt, The best place to buy a roofing shingles in india is your nearest KPG roofings showroom. With over 28 showrooms across the country, KPG is the leading roofing stores chain in India. 

There, along with the signature roof tiles, you can also purchase roofing shingles of various international brands. 

The leading brands of asphalt roofing shingles like IKO, Certainteed, Malarkey etc are available at all showrooms. The reliability of the KPG roofings showrooms will definitely be a deal breaker for you.

You can know more about shingles roofings and purchase them by visiting any KPG showrooms or by calling us at +91-9562-888-666

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  1. It’s crazy the difference roofing materials such as roof shingles can make on a project. Sometimes low-quality materials are used, or broken tiles are silicone back together. It’s important to do the research to avoid dodgy Roof Repairers

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