Which roof tiles are the cheapest in India ?

In the vast marketplace of roofing materials, every buyer’s priorities differ, shaping their choices based on budget constraints, quality needs, and specific project requirements. Here, we’ll delve into the economical options offered by KPG Roofings, as well as alternatives provided by semi-brands like EURO and P BRAND, and even explore the viability of Chinese branded […]

How to select the Best roof tile colour for your home ?

As you may know, the roof is the crown of every house. It is where the eyes will go first and a good looking roof is always a deal breaker. It is studied that when someone views your house for the first time, 40% of the view of your house constitutes of your roof. That […]

Different Type of Roof tiles In Indian Market

There are different type of roofing materials available in the indian market. In this post we are introducing some of the most popular roofing materials, their compositions and advantages and disadvantages of these materials. The popular roofing materials being traditional red clay tiles/teracotta tiles, ceramic tiles, cement / concrete tiles, shingles etc. Which is the […]