How to select the Best roof tile colour for your home ?

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roof tile colour choice

As you may know, the roof is the crown of every house. It is where the eyes will go first and a good looking roof is always a deal breaker. It is studied that when someone views your house for the first time, 40% of the view of your house constitutes of your roof. That means an amazing design or attractive colour choice can completely change the looks of your house, and so does a poor one. Unlike olden times, nowadays we have a lot of designs and plenty of colour choices in the roof tiles section, to address to this issue.

roofing tile colour choices

roofing tile colour selection

One of the major advantages of the branded roofing tiles are the wide colour choices available on the market. All of them are popular in our country and you can see different shades of them in every rooftop. But having plenty also comes with its disadvantages. sometimes it is very confusing and puzzling on which colour to chose for the roof, from the wide variety of designs available on the stores.

When selecting the right colour for your home, you need to choose based on the following 5 factors. They are ;

  1. The colour shceme of your house
  2. Architecture style and design of the home
  3. Heat absorption rate of the colour and the energy efficiency
  4. Use colour selectors, visualizers or 3-D design by your architect/designer to compare with the house in your dreams
  5. The environment or neighbourhood of the house

We often encounters home makers who get stunned at the amazing colour choices and doubts if they choose the right colour roof tile for their home or not. So in this guide, we will take you through the list of items to consider when selecting the roofing colour for your dream homes.

  1. Colour Scheme

    The first factor to consider when selecting a roofing tile colour is the colour scheme of your entire house. The colour scheme includes everything from the paint to the claddings on the wall and the landscape you have in mind for your home. The roof tile colour should also stand in accordance with the colour theme. Some colours like white will go on with all the colours, but if you have custom colours for your walls, piller or sidings – you should consider that. We have made a small list of colours and their matching roof tile colours for your assistance. The table given below will show you house colour and their best matching roof colours.

    House Siding Color Best Matching Roof Colors
    Red Steel Grey(black), dark gray, Red Coffee, Teracotta, Red & Black, Antique Red
    White All colours, Red / Dark shades will match more
    Gray Steel Grey(black), dark gray, Galaxy, Blue grey Jasper, Pista green, white
    Beige/Tan Coffee, Steel Grey(black), dark green, Blue grey classic, Antique Red
    Coffee Pista green, Steel Grey(black), blue grey, Antique Red
    Blue Steel Grey(black), Coffee, Dark gray

    beautiful roof tile colour

  2. Architecture Style

    The architecture style of your home is too good a factor to consider when choosing your roofing colour for your dream home. This include everything from the theme of the house to the specific design and message it wants to confirm. An antique style house or traditional looking single floor house may carry the shades of terracotta, Antique red or coffee. A modern box-model house with very little area of roofing may go with brighter shades or special colours like Jasper Galaxy model. So The architecture definitely have a say in your colour selection.

  3. Heat absorption

    This is also an important factor to consider when selecting the roof tiles. It is basic science that dark colours like black absorbs more heat and light colours will reflects heat. So when you compromise the colour for the looks, also bear in mind that it can affect the temperature inside your house too. Even though the black and white combination is one of the classic colour schemes, we would recommend you to go through alternate shades like coffee, deep grey, galaxy etc, unless your home have an efficiently engineered ventilation and cooling system.

  4. Use Colour selector Tools

    You can use the Decision making aids like Roof tile colour selector tools provided by the reputed brands to visualize how each colours will look on your roof. You can find the KPG ROOFINGS colour selector tool in the link provided – Additionally you can ask your architect or designer to do a custom design for you with the selected colours on your own house, so you can easily make the decision aid.

  5. Neighbourhood / Environment

    It is also a fact to keep in mind. Your colour scheme should stand in accordance with your neighbourhood also. A holiday home in the woods will looks better with teracotta or pista green shades, while a futuristic home in the town or highways would look better with special colours like antique red, galaxy or some jasper series colours. Be it in beach side, village, mountains, colonies or wherever your home is, You should consider that also as a factor when picking a colour for your roof tile.

So, consider all these factors before selecting your next roofings. We have the largest colour choice available in india and have the network to deliver you the product. You can see our gallery to view some of our projects or directly head to the colour selector.

3 thoughts on “How to select the Best roof tile colour for your home ?

  1. I must say, this blog post on selecting roofing tile colors is incredibly helpful and informative! The author has done a fantastic job of emphasizing the importance of considering the overall color scheme of the house when choosing the right roof tile color.

    The inclusion of a table showcasing house colors and their best matching roof tile colors is a brilliant idea. It provides a visual reference that makes it much easier for homeowners to envision how different combinations will look. I appreciate how the author has taken the time to create this resource, as it saves readers the hassle of guessing and allows them to make well-informed decisions.

    The emphasis on coordination and harmony between the roof tile color and other elements of the house, such as the paint, claddings, and landscape, is a valuable insight. It shows that the author understands the importance of creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing exterior design.

    Additionally, I find it helpful that the post acknowledges the versatility of certain colors, like white, which can complement a wide range of color schemes. This consideration shows a thoughtful approach to catering to different homeowner preferences and styles.

    Overall, I want to express my appreciation for this blog post. It has provided me with a clear understanding of how to select the right roofing tile color that will harmonize with the overall look and feel of my home. The inclusion of the table with matching colors is especially useful and makes the decision-making process much more enjoyable. Thank you for sharing this valuable guidance!

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